Vinyl Aluminum Metal Siding Installation and Repairs in Ottawa.

Siding is a key player in the construction industry. Variety of colors and styles makes it more challenging to repair sometimes.

If the siding is being installed directly onto the OSB sheeting, it comes with a 100% chance of shifting and moving. Inch and 3/4 nails does move over time with changes in temperatures as well as with the vibration from the wind.

Proper way of installing siding requires strapping on the framing studs. When you drive the 1 3/4 nail into a real wood, there is no way that siding will ever move unless there is a tornado passing by.

When townhouses are put together, neighboring walls are framed with 1/2 drywall to make it fireproof for the municipal code. When you install siding without strapping on the drywall, what did you think it’s going to happen…

I can write a book about what we come across in the maintenance/repair services. I may think I’ve seen it all but every day is another surprise.

If you are in need of professional siding repairs in the areas of Ottawa, Rockland, Cheney, Russell, Edwards, Ficko, Hammond, Cumberland, Orleans, Nepean, Barrhaven, Kanata, Stittsville, Manotick and Greely Ontario, give us a shout.

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