Orleans Roofing Siding Repair Quotes Estimates

East end of Ottawa is Orleans and if you go further east, Cumberland and Rockland are 10 minutes apart.

20 years ago, Orleans was a small village and over the years, it has developed rapidly. Older homes have characteristics and unique layouts. Aluminum siding was the most popular back then but vinyl siding has taken over majority of homes now.

Biggest issue with older homes are lack of ventilation due to wooden Soffit. if contractors cover the existing overhang with aluminum Soffit, airflow is not sufficient unless all the wooden boards are all removed completely.

Shingle roofs are still dominant in the industry due to cost. There are small portion of flat roofs that still exist. Poor maintenance is always the main cause for leaks, especially if there are drains on the roof.

7/16 OSB boards are the main component in the construction industry. But it is also the main reason for leaks, blown off shingles ect…

Siding and shingles seems to be getting damaged on newer homes and I wonder why ? Repairs we do are mainly on newer homes and that’s because of the quality you are getting from the volume builders.

We offer Pitched and flat roofing services in Orleans, Aluminum/Metal/Vinyl siding repairs, new roof sales and installations. Complete Soffit, Fascia and Eavestrough repairs. Roof snow and ice dam removal services. Foundation crack repair services. Submit your inquiry by phone or email and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Wind Damaged Shingle Roof


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