Flat roof cost in Ottawa

Everything is based on square footage and obstacles. As they say, devil is in the details. Especially with flat roof systems when compared to sloped roofs.

If we were to do an overly on an existing roof with new modified Bitumen system, there will be 3 layers of application to guarantee a quality job. Protection board to prevent fire and smoothen out the rough surfaces. 180ff base membrane to get the 1st layer of seal. 250cap membrane to heat weld onto the base membrane. Typical system can cost you anywhere from 9$ to 12$ per square foot with 2022 market.

If this is a brand new roof with vapour barrier, fire protection, 180ff, cap membrane and metal flashing. You can expect to 15$ to 22$ per square foot for a quality flat roof.

Real pain is when you have to remove existing roof and Install from scratch. Cost of disposal, new materials and installation can brake the bank indeed.

Having options to find solutions for long-term is way cheaper than bandaid repairs. I love repairs 100% because of the pricing. In and out in few days and it pays really well.

Are you ready to solve all your roofing problems for good or do you enjoy handing out hard earned cash?


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