Which brand of roofing shingles is the best? Does it really matter?

I have been installing shingles and flat roof membranes for a long time and there are many different brands of roofing products out there to choose from. They are all made from the same mixture of materials. One brand can be darker than the other or other brand may have variety of colors to choose from. I personally think that it’s not the brand of the shingles that matters. If you ask why; there are many factors involved in the life span of your roof, for example underlayment, ventilated soffit, roof vents, slope of your roof, location of your house and on and on.

You can install the identical shingles on two different houses in two different locations and the one that’s less visible to sun, better ventilated and with a better pitch will last a long time to age. On the other hand if the house is right under the sun all the time, poor ventilated and has low-pitched slope on it will get fried.

Choosing a mid range color is a key when it comes to replacing your roof. Darker colors will attract the sun and life span will be shortened. Lighter colors are in the same category but opposite reaction to the sun. Sun reflects of the brighter colors and there is still a big impact on the life span of the roof. Mid range colors are always out there but they are not flirting with the sun. Sun is a player and it will burn you down as soon as you turn around.

Always inspect your soffit to make sure it is not blocked by insulation and there is a path for the fresh air to flow. Ventilation is a must, your attic should be same temperature as the outside. Make sure according to the sqf of your attic, have enough ventilation installed.

Always hire a trusted roofing company that you can depend on. Ask family or friends for advice if you don’t know any. Search on the internet for reviews and ask for references.

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Flat Roof Maintenance Tips For Ottawa

Flat roofs are expensive to replace and maintain. There are few simple steps owners that can take the eliminate possible roof leaks in the future.

1: Before winter inspect your roof and clean all the drain caps and make sure nothing will block the drain screens.
2: If it snows more than average during winter remove the snow off your roof yourself or hire a local roofing contractor in your are.
3: Once the spring is around the corner and it starts to rain, extra weight will be on your roof and it can cause major damage. Remove all the wet snow off your roof to eliminate structural issues.
3: If it’s start to rain on regular basis in spring be sure to inspect your roof and make sure all the drain filters are clean.

If you make sure there is no extra weight on your roof and water runs down the drain off your roof, it will eliminate pooling. Most flat roof leaks are caused by clogged drainage.

If you are looking to save few hundred dollars and have the extra time it is easy to maintain your roof. Be sure to take all the safety precautions when climbing or working on the roof. If you decide to hire a roofing contractor, make sure you see a proof of their insurance.