How Can Your Ottawa Home Be Energy Efficient ?

Cost of electricity, natural gas and propane has gone up in the past few years. These are the 3 sources of heat in Ottawa unless you are burning wood regularly.

If baseboard heating system is your main source of heat, time to convert to natural gas. Most furnaces are highly efficient in terms of consumption but your home must be air tight.

Propane is another option if natural gas isn’t available in your area and/or you are located in a flood zone. Doors and windows play a significant role, caulk and seal window frames. Installing weather-strips around doors and windows can eliminate draft.

Natural gas furnaces can be super efficient. If your attic is not insulated properly or have ventilation issues, your furnace will work over-time.

Your attic insulation plays a significant role in terms of energy efficiency. R60 blown insulation with high flow maxy ventilation can reduce your energy consumption. If all the doors and windows are air tight plus your attic is well insulated/ventilated, you are ready for the winter.

Attic Inspections can identify the dept your current insulation. Insulation alone is not enough, significant intake and exhaust air flow must be valid.

We offer insulation and ventilation services in Ottawa, Rockland, Cumberland, Orleans, Nepean, Barrhaven, Kanata, Stittsville, Manotick, Greely and Gloucester Ontario. Give us a call or send us an email with your inquiry.


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