Tar and Gravel Flat Roof Conversion in Ottawa

One thing I need to admit is that, tar and gravel flat roofs are just like an old used car that needs repairs and maintenance constantly.

Tar And Gravel Flat Roof

Over the years tar gets abused by the temperatures, rain, snow and ice. Most cases once it starts to leak, almost impossible to find the source. Installing a new engine on a rusted car might be bad investment if you ask me.

Gravel Removed Only Tar Left

In order to save yourself the headache, converting the old tar and gravel roof to a new and improved modified Bitumen flat roof might be the best investment you can make.

Step by step on how to convert your roof to an energy efficient flat roof :

* Removal of all the gravel. * Clean the roof completely free of dirt and dust. * Removal of tar membrane down to the plywood. * Inspection of the plywood and repair and replace if required. * Installation of fire protection. * Installation of 180FF base membrane. * Installation of 250 Cap membrane.

180FF Flat Roof Base Membrane

New roofing system will be 3 layers of membranes. If commercial application, vapor barrier and Insulation will be installed prior to 3 layers.

250 Cap Flat Roofing Membrane

If you are in need of a permanent solution to your roofing problems, give us a call for your free flat roofing quotes and estimates. We offer flat roofing services in Ottawa, Rockland, Cumberland, Orleans, Rockcliffe, Vanier, Nepean, Barrhaven, Kanata, Stittsville, Manotick, Greely and Gloucester Ontario.


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